Cafe TH is proud to be a part of Houston's eclectic and internationally recognized food culture.

As an original restaurant in Houston's old Chinatown, Cafe TH experienced a wave of changes since opening in the 1980's. Cafe TH remained on Pease Street and has become a part of the thriving East-End Downtown District while many business left. In the midst of a booming international food scene, owner and entrepreneur, Minh Nguyen, bought Cafe TH in 2007. Currently, we are not operating but we look forward to sharing good news to you soon! Meanwhile, please take a look at our blog and online store pages to learn and support us.

Cafe TH approaches traditional Vietnamese food with a twist

with authentic elements while valuing quality, community, and sustainability.

Cafe TH sources the freshest ingredients available.

We feature seasonal produce harvested from local community gardens and char-grilled meats daily.

Striving for healthy alternatives, Minh has gradually adapted the menu to accommodate customers' diverse dietary styles offering gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo and Vegan menu options.

Environmentally conscious, Cafe TH also recycles in addition to featuring the work of local artists.

Combing his passion for delicious, wholesome food

with a keen desire to build meaningful community relations, Minh has become an integral part of Houston's culinary scene.

Grateful for our rich history, our loyal fanbase, and all of the friendships we have made over the years, Cafe TH strives to maintain its reputation as one of Houston's leading food establishments offering a most memorable Asian fusion experience.

Celadon coffee and cookies

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Try our signature cold brew sua da or the highly recommended ube and pandon lattes.

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